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Past Life Regression Terms

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The following definitions are based on popular belief and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs of Soulshine of Tucson



Reincarnation is the theory or belief that souls live many lives gaining wisdom by living all positions of status, circumstance, and also as man and woman. By living in all situations we gain knowledge and balance, helping us learn about ourselves.

Reincarnation allows one to accept responsibility for choices and actions, forgive ourselves, and gain an understanding of our true nature, freeing ourselves from limitations and learning to understand and accept others.



Karma is a Hindu and Buddhist concept seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad, either in this life or in another life as a result of action and intention. Karma is not punishing, negative or to make us suffer. Karma helps us to find balance through wisdom and knowledge.


Karmic Debt

In each lifetime, we are born into an existence, which is a result of unresolved debts of past lives. Through our actions and intentions we are constantly creating a metaphorical account, debiting and crediting. The Karmic debts we build lead to attachments and these Karmic attachments are what pull us back into the wheel of existence reincarnation after reincarnation


Karmic Heritage

As we are developing our consciousness lifetime to lifetime, it exists as a karmically-resultant-consciousness, continuing to exist. Karma from past lives comes back to a person gradually and from many different lifetimes exposing karmically developed personality traits and skills which for what would be called Karmic Heritage.



The Subconscious is that part of your mind which is outside of your conscious awareness that interprets the knowledge and lessons of our awareness into Beliefs, Behaviors & Attitudes; helping to guide your life without having to focus inordinate attention and concern over everything you are doing in daily life. The Subconscious holds all the information and associations made during our entire life and those of past lives as well. Hypnosis helps navigate the filing system to easily get to where the subconscious stores the experiences that are desired or relevant to view.


Personal belief

Personal belief in Reincarnation or past lives is not necessary; even if you feel these experiences to be fabrications of the mind and imagination they still hold insight into your current life issues. Past life regression is a proven tool that will allow one to release unexplained fears, traumas, and limiting thoughts by giving associations and validation, which allows one to learn from them and move on.