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Hypnotic Gastric Band Surgery

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No invasive surgery
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No complications
No medications
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Under hypnosis the virtual gastric procedure is experienced by helping your subconscious mind to believe that you actually have had a gastric band fitted so that you can eat smaller portions of food and feel fuller!

The first session addresses basic weight-loss goals of control over diet choices, snacking, and other aspects of healthy eating.

A following session then brings the client through a preliminary visit with the surgeon with testing and instructions for the day before surgery along with dietary restrictions. The client is also given the plan for a future appointment after the surgery for an adjustment to the virtual band.

A session for the actual surgery from intake, per-surgery, anesthesia, operation, and post-op and recovery. The mind accepts this virtual surgery and the appetite and ability to eat full portions that come with it.

A few weeks later the client comes in and the gastric band is virtually adjusted under hypnosis allowing for any adjustment to allow the client a comfortable transition into a new way of eating.

The subconscious allows all the benefits of a surgical gastric band without the actual surgery, its high cost, and risk.