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Group Hypnosis for Weight-loss

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Being held every 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month in our office

5405 E Pima Street, Tucson, AZ 85712

Doors open at 4:00PM and the doors will close at 4:20PM To allow for the session to run uninterrupted.
Come in find a seat, begin to relax breathe deep and prepare to be taken into a trance-like state…

Hypnosis can be done one on one in an office, or in a group with many, even hundreds, of people. This is because a hypnotist doesn’t have to do anything more to hypnotize a hundred people than to just hypnotize one person. Hypnosis takes place in the mind of each individual, so as long as they can hear and follow along with the hypnotist’s guided imagery and suggestions, they can experience hypnosis. Because the hypnotist can see more than one person at a time, group hypnosis is much more affordable compared to individual hypnosis. It can help clients to understand the process and realize the things experienced were ‘normal’, because other people share similar experiences as well.

The disadvantage of group hypnosis is that the hypnotist is not able to tailor suggestions to each individual. More general suggestions and topics that will appeal to a broader audience are used to benefit the most members of the audience.

The subconscious can take pieces of information and making them fit for you so general terms can work well even if your issues are just a part of that larger more general issue.

Some people might be a bit nervous to be in an office alone with a hypnotist, especially if they have never experienced hypnosis before. Group hypnosis is a good way to experience hypnosis in a relaxing way with lots of other people around.

Based on past experience with group and individual hypnosis sessions both producing wonderful results. If you need some estimations, here is an average of the results I have experienced with the two types of hypnosis:

85-90% of the clients that see me one on one reach their goals by the end of a few sessions.

60-70% of the people who go to a few group hypnosis sessions reach their goals.